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Neil Davidge

Slo Light CD Album

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Release Date: 24/03/2014

Discs: 1

Neil Davidge, aka Davidge, is a record producer, film and game score composer whose seminal work with Massive Attack helped birth some of the most arresting and innovative music in the electronic / orchestral genre of the Nineties and Noughties whilst also enjoying a parallel career composing for prestigious film, TV and games ventures. His long awaited debut solo album, Slo Light, featuring a host of eclectic guest vocalists. An album deeply-schooled in Bristol, beats, electronica, soundtracks, orchestral music and more, Slo Light creates a fantasy world in which tension, darkness and beauty find the perfect equilibrium. As with all Davidge work the album is sky-high on production values with an unparalleled clarity and sonic depth. Following years of industry respect and renown, Slo Light is primed to be the record that brings Davidge to the ears and minds of many discerning music lovers as a figure of talent and vision, wholl appeal to fans of Massive Attack, Halo 4 and sound-exploring producer/artists like Brian Eno, Moby, William Orbit and Trent Reznor.

1. Slo Light
2. Gallant Foxes
3. How Was Your Day
4. Home From Home
5. They Won't Know
6. That Fever
7. Riot Pictures
8. Zero One Zero
9. Sleepwalking
10. Anyone Laughing
11. Sensor
12. Discovering The Universe (That Fever ANHM Version)